Bücher  | Stuart Bailey, Angie Keefer, David Reinfurt

Bulletins of The Serving Library #8Winter 2014

Edited by Stuart Bailey, Angie Keefer, David Reinfurt
Contributions by Elie Ayache, Stuart Bailey, Michael Bracewell, Ben Davis, Eli Diner, Paul Elliman, Emily Gephart, Larissa Harris, Lucy Mulroney, Joe Scanlan, Ian Svenonius

This issue is smaller than large and larger than small: *medium*. Produced under the auspices of the exhibition “Transmitting Andy Warhol” at Tate Liverpool, it includes a history of the relations between drugs and groups by Ian Svenonius, an e-mail exchange between Paul Elliman and pioneer of voice synthesis Richard T. Gagnon, and a collage of voices that conjure Warhol’s aura by Michael Bracewell. With further contributions by Elie Apache, Stuart Bailey, Eli Diner, Emily Gephart, Lucy Mulroney, Larissa Harris, and Joe Scanlan.

2015, English
16.5 x 23.5 cm, 152 pages, 19 b/w ill., softcover
ISBN 978-3-95679-127-7


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